Down Under Sleeper Mattress Pad

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100% Lambs Wool Mattress Pad - Made in the USA

The Denali DownUnder Provides All-Season Comfort
Wool is unique: It absorbs moisture. In the summer, you stay cool and dry. In winter, wool is a natural insulator and retains body heat to warm you on the coldest nights.

Put the DownUnder Superwash Sleeper on your bed - between the bottom sheet and the mattress— for a better night's rest. You'll sleep more soundly and you'll wake up feeling refreshed.

Advantages of The Denali DownUnder Sleeper
· Washable--no shrinkage or loss of the wool's natural springiness
· Available in Five bed sizes
· 100% Lambswool Mattress Pad with a 16" Drop holds it flat and in place
· Extremely durable and made to outlast a skin-backed sheepskin or any conventional mattress pad
· Provides year-round comfort - warm in winter and cool in summer
· Ideal for use on any mattress
· Completely odorless

The DownUnder Superwash Wool Sleeper is made from fine, soft, dense lambswool. Superwash® makes the sleeper machine-washable.
Washing will not cause shrinkage or loss of the wool's resilience and durability. The fabric springs back to its original softness after each machine washing.