Starlite Original Sculptures

Starlite Original Sculptures

Proudly Made In The USA

Innovators in Mixed Media, Lucite and Metal Embedment.

See the Starlite Originals galleries below to see sculptures by: Kitty Cantrell, Christopher Pardell and Dan Medina

Starlite Originals is the leading innovator in the art and sculpture industry utilizing a Mixed Media. Their concept involves embedding a masterful metal sculpture into a Lucite sculpture to form an elegant multi-media 3D sculpture. Either one of these sculptures alone would be sought after in the art world, but combining them in this Mixed Mediaï format surpasses other art forms in the ability to portray a story behind an artist concept.

The rich color and texture of the metal sculptures is obtained through adding hot torched acid patina to precious metals to create exacting works of art. Starlite studio takes this to the next level by embedding this sculpture into a complimentary Lucite sculpture. The result is the ability to portray the artist's vision in a way never before seen.

Starlite Studio is also know as Starlite Originals and has the Legend Sculpture line and Genesis Sculpture line.