Patina Fire Pits

Patina Fire Pits

Patina Portable Outdoor Patio Fire Pits Portable so you can take your outdoor fire pit with you.
Fire Pits To Warm You Up When The Sun Goes Down

Many unique fire pit styles to complement any setting are available. Arrives fully assembled for immediate use. Sturdy legs are welded in place to prevent the fire pit from wobbling.

Five year warranty: Our Patina fire pit is made of 16 gauge steel and guaranteed not to burn or rust through.

Natural rust patina finish of our Patina fire pits ages beautifully over time. The portable design allows the fire pit to move easily from patio to beach, lake, campsite or cabin. Perfect for barbecues, gatherings, camping, tailgating or a quiet evening at home.

Patina fire pits are drum molded from a single sheet of cold rolled steel for incredible strength and durability. A safety ring surrounding the fire pit also functions as a footrest and handle. Distinctive flame cut artwork adds to the charm of these wonderful fire pits and provides extra ventilation for the fire, sending smoke up and away from your seating area. A sturdy screen is attached on the inside of the cutouts to prevent sparks and embers from escaping. Wood decks require a fire resistant pad for our Patina Fire Pit.Patina Outdoor Fire Pit